ITTF-Oceania (Oceania Table Tennis Federation) is recognised as the continental federation of the Oceania region to the International Table Tennis Federation.

The area which now forms the Oceania region had been covered by the “Other Continental Zone” since 1949, when New Zealander Norm Ballinger was elected as the ITTF Vice President of the “Other Continental Zone”.

The Oceania Table Tennis Federation (OTTF) was formed on the Ist June 1977. Negotiations and discussions commenced in Melbourne in January 1975 at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships. Foundation members of the OTTF were Australia, Fiji, Guam, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Tahiti – a total of seven.

The Federation was recognized by the ITTF in December 1977 as the official body controlling continental activities in the Oceania Zone.
2017-2020 Strategic Plan

2017-2020 Strategic Plan (1-page summary)

Constitution, Laws & Regulations

All Constitution, Law & Regulation documents can be found here.

Minutes of Oceania Table Tennis Federation Meetings

Minutes of Oceania Table Tennis Federation Meetings can be found here.

Personal Honorary Members

Ken WILKINSON (President 1978-1993)
Keith BOWLER (Executive Director 1978-1990)
Geoff RAU (President 1993-1996)
Neil HARWOOD (President 1996-2005)
Patrick GILLMANN (President 2005-2014)