Phil Males

Administration Officer

The Administration Officer is the main administration and contact point for all general enquiries regarding ITTF-Oceania except for Development where all request and enquiries should be directed to the Development Officer.

The office of the Administration Officer is maintained in Ulladulla NSW Australia.

Michael Brown

ITTF-Oceania Development Coordinator

The ITTF-Oceania Development Coordinator is responsible for the ITTF-Oceania Development Program. The Development Coordinator will liaise with all Member Associations in relation to Development Courses to further develop the sport of Table Tennis within their country. Courses can be held for Coach Education, Umpire Education, Administration Education, Training Camps, Competition Organisation, as well as assisting in implementing Strategic Plans.

Dave Delpratt

ITTF-Oceania Umpires & Referees Committee Chairperson

The ITTF-Oceania Umpires and Referees Committee (URC) Chairperson is responsible for liaising with all Member Associations and the Management Committee on all issues relating to the development of Officiating and the appointment of tournament officials within the region and, where required, internationally. Development will include organising and conducting ITTF Umpire and Referee courses throughout the region, especially in the countries which do not have their own course structures, and developing pathways by which officials are able to gain experience and advancement by attending regional and international competitions.

Barbara Talbot

ITTF-Oceania Para Table Tennis Sub-Committee Chairperson

The ITTF–PTT Director for Oceania, Para Table Tennis Co-ordinator in Oceania. The co-ordinator liaises with Member Associations with a bid to encouraging all associations to be inclusive of Athletes with Disability, provide opportunities for competition in the region and informs International Para Table Tennis of activities in the Oceania Region. Liaises with the Development Officer in regard to potential AWD (Athletes with a Disability) contacts.

Cathy Gauthier

ITTF-Oceania Women’s Sub-Committee Chairperson

The Women’s Co-ordinator role is to develop Table Tennis among Women in Oceania, whether they are players, coaches, umpires or administrators. The aims will be to increase the women presence in table tennis, as well as continuing the research for men and women equality throughout Oceania Table Tennis.