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The K-Sports 2013 ITTF-Oceania Cup is a ticketed event during specific sessions. The event is broken down into four sessions over three days.

Session Adult Child
Sunday 30th June
Day Session (10:00am – 8:00pm)
Free Admission
Monday 1st July
Day Session (until 5:30pm)
Free Admission
Monday 1st July – Semi Finals
Night Session (6:00pm onwards)
$10 $5
Tuesday 2nd July – Gold Medal Matches
(6:00pm onwards)
$15 $8
Event Pass
(Access to all sessions)
$20 $10

Tickets are available through the Bendigo Visitors Centre in person, online www.bendigotourism.com or by calling 1800 813 153.

Tickets are also available at the door (Bendigo Stadium, 134 Marong Rd, Bendigo) on the evenings of Monday 1st July, and Tuesday 2nd July.