Noumea, New Caledonia plays host to a series of Table Tennis events from 11 – 24 August 2013. Below is a list of the events that will be staged in Noumea, with a description about what each event entails.

Please note that all accommodation bookings are to be made through the one spreadsheet which is available here.

2013 ITTF-Oceania Cadet Challenge

11 August 2013

The 2013 ITTF-Oceania Cadet Challenge is the qualification event to be selected into the 2013 Team Oceania to compete at the World Cadet Challenge.


2013 ITTF Training Camp

12 – 14 August 2013

Held in conjunction with the ITTF Global Junior Circuit Event, this three day training camp allows the athletes from throughout Oceania and abroad the opportunity to train with one another, and further develop their skills as they prepare to represent their country at the 2013 JEMATI New Caledonia Junior & Cadet Open.


JEMATI 2013 New Caledonia Junior & Cadet Open (ITTF Global Junior Circuit Event)

15 – 18 August 2013

The JEMATI 2013 New Caledonia Junior & Cadet Open, which is part of the ITTF Global Junior Circuit, is also one of six events worldwide to be incorporated into the Road to Nanjing series. Therefore, the event also acts as a pathway to qualification for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

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BCI 2013 ITTF-Oceania Junior Championships

19 – 22 August 2013

The BCI 2013 ITTF-Oceania Junior Championships is the first Junior Oceania Championships to be held separately from the Senior Oceania Championships. The event will incorporate Junior, Cadet and Hopes age categories.

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