Christian Holtz

Executive Director

The Executive Director is primarily responsible for directing the implementation of the 2017-2020 ITTF-Oceania Strategic Plan focusing on the key areas of Participation, High Performance, Events, Operations and Communications. They are also the main administration and contact point for all general enquiries regarding ITTF-Oceania.

Rowan Fajerman

Participation Officer

The Participation Officer is responsible for the implementation of the ‘Smash Down Barriers’ program. This is a Sport-for-Development initiative funded by the Australian Government and implemented by ITTF-Oceania, in conjunction with Table Tennis Australia, to use table tennis as a tool to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Patrick Wuertz (commencing 1 January 2018)

High Performance Officer

The High Performance Officer is responsible for providing pathways for players, coaches, officials and administrators to transition from community to high-performance. This role also coordinates the ITTF-Oceania Development program and will liaise with Member Associations in relation to developing the sport of table tennis within their country. Courses can be held for Coach Education, Umpire Education, Administration Education, Training Camps, and Competition Organisation.

Ignacio Rizo Patron

Events Officer

The Events Officer is responsible for driving the growth of ITTF-Oceania Major Events, including the newly formed ITTF-Oceania Tour, the Oceania Cup and the ITTF-Oceania Championships. Further responsibilities include enhancing the entertainment value of events, manage the calendar of events, and increase the capacity of National Associations to run domestic and international events.

Wade Townsend

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is responsible for managing all communication channels of ITTF-Oceania, including, the ITTF-Oceania YouTube Channel, as well as ITTF-Oceania’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Furthermore, the Communications Officer develops editorial content, publishes articles and distributes press releases on behalf of ITTF-Oceania and its Member Associations.