Overview of ITTF-Oceania Rating System

A player’s rating is a number (of points) which represents their playing ability relative to other rated players. A player’s rating changes by graded amounts depending upon the rating difference between their rating and the rating of their opponent.

Rating Change Table

Rating Difference Higher Ranked Athlete WinsNormal Outcome Lower Ranked Athlete Wins
<25 8 8
26-50 7 10
51-100 5 12
101-150 3 15
151-200 2 20
200-250 1 26
>250 0 32

The winners rating is increased by the amount in the above table (adjusted by the weighting factor below), while the losers rating is decreased by the amount in the above table.

Weighting table

Weighting Tournaments
3.0 International Individual Events (incl. ITTF-Oceania Championships)
2.0 International Team events and Round Robin events
National Open Individual events
Regional Games Individual events
1.5 National Open Team Events
Regional Games Team Events
State Open Individual events (e.g. Victorian Open, North Island Champs)
1.0 Closed, Restricted or Other Events


For main events, the above weightings shall be applied only to the winners points, the losers points are not adjusted by a weighting factor. For division and consolation events the weighting applied to the winners points shall be half the tournament weighting, the losers points shall be similarly weighted up to a maximum of 1.

To qualify as a National Open, the event must be Open to players of any country, and the event must be advertised in all readily available OTTF lists of tournament dates.

  • Players are assigned a rating as soon as they compete in a qualifying event.
  • Players are assigned an initial rating based upon their initial results. This may be reviewed at any time when further results are received.
  • Players only have one rating and so appear on any list where appropriate with the same rating points.
  • All results of singles matches are processed.
  • Players will appear on Rating Lists until 24 months has expired since their last qualifying match played.
  • Players not listed (due to lack of participation), shall retain their rating, and this shall be used to determine seedings, grade eligibility etc.
  • Players who have not played in any rated match for an entire calendar year, shall have their rating depreciated at a rate of 2% at the end of each such year.

National Associations are responsible for submitting their results no later than 4 weeks after the event. Results received after this deadline may not be included, or may be included with a reduced weighting factor.

Please email results to dj@ittf.com

Or mail hardcopies to David Jackson, 8 Ascania Place, Lynfield, Auckland 1042, New Zealand.