August 2, 2012

Following the the 7th New Caledonia Open Championship, and for the second time this year, a Junior Oceania Training Camp was organized by the New Caledonia Table Tennis Association.

The three day programme was a complete success, thanks to a significant number of players, but also to an overall high level of skill. Fourteen tables were in use throughout the training camp, and approximately 25 athletes were present each day, with the participation of
11 feeders, including the best NCL players, such as Stéphane Gilabert, Laurent Sens, Ornella Bouteille, and some foreign players, including Australia’s Claire Campbell Innes, currently ranked 13 in the Oceania Women’s Rating List.

The whole programme involved 15 hours of training. The first day was based on regularity, hability and concentration exercises, starting with a recovering jogging. We have to keep in mind that all players have had a very intensive weekend competing at the New Caledonia International Event. The second and third days were more focused on tactics.

Also to be noticed, the training camp involved a 100% female coaching, with Aurélie Hovanne, regional coach, Brenda Mézières, in regional coach training, and Cathy Gauthier, head coach. This shows great work within New Caledonia in promoting opportunities for Women in Table Tennis, not only as athletes, but also as coaches.

The training camp was a sporting and human adventure, and to hold such events regularly would, without any doubt, lead to the younger players improving their skills.