October 23, 2012

Through the assistance of the Australian Sports Outreach Program, the Kiribati Table Tennis Association was the recipient of a grant to assist in the development of Table Tennis throughout Kiribati.

The approved program will assist in introducing  Table Tennis to five of the Kiribati ‘Outer Islands’ that have previously had no introduction to the sport. A local expert will assist with the initial setup of equipment, as well as conducting some training sessions, along with an introduction of the rules.

The five outer islands are – Abemama, Arorae, Tabiteuea South, Nonouti and Beru.

Due to the remote location of the five islands selected for the project, they have not yet been introduced to the sport of Table Tennis. It is a ‘lifetime’ sport, and can greatly assist in the development of children into adults, as all sports can. The fact that Table Tennis requires little physical space is a great reason for this sport to be introduced to these islands due to their limited space of land.

In previous years, Table Tennis has been introduced to other outer islands, and in some cases islands have competed in Te Runga (The Championships) without an official Table Tennis visit. The aim for the project is to increase the number of islands competing in future Te Runga’s.