November 27, 2012

“Wake up early to go fishing” might be the meaning of the islands name – Nonouti – situated in the Gilbert Islands of Kiribati.

As part of the Australian Sports Outreach Program, Introducing and Promoting Table Tennis, is taking place on five islands within Kiribati, and Nonouti was the first island to receive a visit.ribati. However, in November the Kiribati National Development Officer. Tokannata Ioatene, wasn’t waking up early to go fishing, he was waking up early to introduce the sport of Table Tennis for the first time to the local community.

The visit included delivery of professional table tennis equipment, as well as locally made table tennis tables.

Several schools were visited throughout the visit, and a Training Clinic was held for local school teachers. However, the interest was so great that the local community also became involved in the Training Clinic which took place over two days.

The final day of the visit allowed the newly trained teachers to demonstrate their skills with the supervision of Tokannata.