March 12, 2013

NCLWomensThe New Caledonia Table Tennis Federation celebrated International Women’s Day in style by hosting Friendship Trophy events in both Noumea, and Koumac. With a strong attendance at both events, shows great promotion for the sport of Table Tennis, and involvement of women in the sport.

Further information about the events can be found on the ITTF website.

Well Known for Similar Events
“Koumac, in the North of the Island, is well known for such events and Noumea, the capital city, has also organized successful ones”, explained Cathy Gauthier. “A total of 60 females of all ages attended these table tennis promotional meetings.”

Very impressive numbers for a country with a population of just some 250,000; certainly all enjoyed the experience.

The Programme
“There was a special warm-up and multi-ball sessions, friendly tournaments and skill tests with an accompanying musical background”, added Cathy Gauthier. “A rose and the offer to attend two practice sessions in the future, free of charge, were offered to all participants.”

More Such Sessions Planned
Furthermore, there are more such endeavours planned for Oceania.

“Table Tennis Australia will hold a National Women’s Table Tennis Challenge in October this year”, explained Cathy Gauthier. “Hopefully that will be a success.”

No doubt that will be situation and there is now an example for Australia to follow, the splendid example set by New Caledonia.