March 21, 2017

Jeremy Dey could be a wild card in Suva. (Photo: Freeman Vere)

Jeremy Dey will be representing New Caledonia at the ITTF-Oceania Cup from the 15th-16th April in Suva, Fiji, and may be a wild card for a podium finish.

The tall southpaw will be competing in the event for the first time, and while in the past the tournament has been dominated by the likes of Australia and New Zealand, he is hoping to make his mark in Suva.

“My small goal is to be placed between 5th or 6th, meaning I must not finish last in my round robin. My utopic goal is to be 3rd or 4th. But I’ll need the Super Saiyan power level over 9000 mode to fulfill this goal,” said Dey.

Not only is he up to date with Dragonball, he also knows that there is no secret to success, only hard work.

“I’m like the Oceanian Krillin. No superpower or innerskill, just training. I’m working yet manage to practice six hours a week on table plus physical training on top of this,” said Dey.

“We mostly train the basics, 1st loop and strong attacks, short receive or flick, serves, footwork with multi ball training and physical preparation. And also some match situations, to work on game strategies and quick adaptation to the opponent.”

It will be a long shot, but come April, Oceania’s Krillin will be ready for battle.