March 22, 2017

New Zealand’s Armindeep Singh is heading to Fiji in four weeks for the ITTF-Oceania Cup and will be cashing in on her experience to look for a spot on the podium.

No stranger to the tournament, at last year’s event Singh made it out of the group stage and finished in the top six players, only losing in the quarterfinals to eventual winner Zhenhua Dederko.

With a more open field this year, the right draw next month in Suva could lead to Singh looking at a top four finish.

However, for most athletes within the Oceania region, it is all about balancing training with work commitments.

“To be honest and I don’t have too much time to train as I work full time at a council in human resources. I am a 40 minute drive away from the nearest table tennis stadium in Hamilton, but do what I can; everything I do has to be efficient,” said Singh.

Sometimes table tennis in Oceania is not only about utilising the time you have on the table, but also finding unique opportunities for some off-table training.

“I am training one to two times a week, doing service practice and fitness mainly running, skipping and a bit of strength work. Also, I live near a mountain so I go up to a lookout point too in my lunch breaks.”

Those lunch break hikes may prove dividends next month in Suva.