March 25, 2017

New Zealand’s Natalie Paterson will be heading to Fiji in three weeks time for the 2017 ITTF-Oceania Cup. This will be her third time competing in the region’s premier event and she could be looking at her first podium finish.

“I will definitely be looking for a top four finish at the championships!”

Like all Oceania’s top athletes, Natalie has to juggle work and training.

“I have a full time job teaching kids who are 11 and 12 years old!”

Come the end of the week Natalie isn’t putting her feet up, instead she is making long drives to find a practice partner and dedicating the weekend to training.

“I now find it difficult to train as there aren’t others who train in the area where I live. I have been making weekend trips back to my home city, Palmerston North which is a two hour drive and have been training both days on the weekend.”

And when Natalie can’t find a practice partner?

“I have also prepared by ensuring I keep myself fit going to the gym.”

Currently ranked number five in New Zealand, Natalie has a real shot at at causing an upset and taking down one the Aussie favourites. It could be third time’s a charm in Suva.