April 23, 2017

Auckland, New Zealand is hosting the World Masters Games and it has brought with it a bit of personality.

Most often, table tennis teams have nations, cities or states for their name. But the Masters Games has provided an opportunity for the kind of creative nomenclature that is usually reserved for your local pennant.

We will quickly pass over the dubious sounding Donkeybox to the more wholesome team, The Noble Ox. Animalia is a common theme, with an Over 40s Women’s team taking on the title of the Honey Badgers. As one of the most ferocious species in the animal kingdom, it is probably a fitting name.

Junior Retirees Oz have obviously come out of retirement while Lobbers and Loopers may be giving too much of their tactics away. Meanwhile Pongsters sound like the hipsters of the ping pong hall.

Pine and Apple Men and their compatriots Pine and Apple Women have been spending too much time looking at memes the last few months.

Out of this world table tennis should be expected with Pluto in the mix.

But if there is any prize to be given then it has to go to the farcical sounding Fishball.

Checkout the results from day two’s action here.