August 15, 2017

Following the election of James Morris to ITTF Executive Vice President, Fiji’s Anthony Ho has been appointed as President of ITTF-Oceania.

Anthony Ho brings to the role a wealth of experience.

Since 2004, Mr. Ho has held the position of President of the Fiji Table Tennis Association and has been a member of the Oceania Table Tennis Management Committee. From 2005 he has been on the Board of Directors of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Anthony Ho also had a successful playing career, winning ten national Men’s Singles titles in Fiji, and competing at the Pacific Games, various Oceania Championships, including the inaugural event in 1978, and at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships.

Outgoing President, James Morris, was pleased to be leaving ITTF-Oceania in more than capable hands.

“On my recent election to ITTF Executive Vice President , it was a big relief to me that the ITTF- Oceania Deputy President Mr Anthony Ho was willing to take on the responsibility of President. Anthony is well known in Oceania as long standing President of the Fiji Table Tennis Association and also over many years has  been very proactive in our region. I am sure Anthony’s experience will be valuable especially as ITTF-Oceania are entering a new professional phase with the hiring of permanent staff and rolling out a newly formed Strategic Plan. I wish Anthony well in his new role and look forward to further working with ITTF-Oceania .” – James Morris, ITTF Executive Vice President

ITTF-Oceania wishes both Anthony Ho and James Morris success in their new roles.