September 22, 2017

Table Tennis was the highlight of Mango Tree Centre‘s Sports Week in Tonga during the week of August 21 26.

A wide selection of sports were organised and run by the Centre, with students, guests and staff all taking part.

“All the sports were stationed in different areas of the Centre and table tennis was among the favourites as students, staffs and guests enjoyed few hits on the table,” said Tonga Table Tennis Secretary Joh Fifita.

“Some of the students didn’t play any other sports as they spent all their time playing table tennis.”

Vaiola Hospital Psychiatric Ward became a member of Tonga Table Tennis Federations and the Smash Down Barriers program.

The event was a success with students showing improvement over the course of the week.

“Most of my students are playing with more confidence now,” said coach Simote Lavulavu.

“It’s good to see the developments in their game. They are playing with more confidence in using the basic strokes they have been learning so far, and especially the services. Some are beginning to understands some of the rules and even umpiring and scoring games.”

The vision of the Mango Tree Respite Center is to help provide care for handicapped children and their families. The centre even extends itself by providing some vocational training and educational services to help people with disabilities and their families.

Volunteers having a go at the table during Mango Tree Sports Week.