January 9, 2018

Get your head around the numbers at ITTF’s new stats page.

ITTF has a brand new stats page!

Put together by Dimosthenis Messinis (ITTF Competition Manager) and Zoltan Benczik (ITTF Results and Ranking Manager), a comprehensive statistics page is now available for table tennis fans and players alike to check out.

With head to head and player stats all available, the table tennis nerd in you can be unleashed. Fun facts available at your fingertips include that both Ma Long and Ding Ning had a 97% win rate in 2014 or that veteran Vladimir Samsonov has played 366 matches over the past ten years.

Currently results only go back as far as 2008, but the aim will be to extend the list in the future.

Head to the ITTF stats page and start searching for you own or your favourite player’s stats now.