February 5, 2018

Michael Maze balances casual wear with red out on the court. (Photo: ITTF World)

Do you rock up to the table tennis court wearing casual sports wear? A complete sucker for some Adidas trackies?

If that’s the case, you’re doing your game a disservice. You may look fleek but your forehand won’t be firing.

A 2005 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise looked at how table tennis opponents were perceived based on their attitude and clothing. The research found that “participants reported lower confidence in their ability to defeat the opponent when they viewed opponents wearing table-tennis specific clothing and opponents portraying positive body language than when they viewed opponents with negative body language or wearing general sportswear.”

Looks like that Nike t-shirt with Rafa embroidery could be letting you down.

What if you’re not willing to give up those Kylie Jenner endorsed yoga pants? There is a solution to even out the playing field.

Wear red.

Throwing on some red clothing has been shown time and time again to improve performance outcomes in a variety competitive environments. There is even research to suggest that referees are more lenient on wearers of red and reward them more often. From English football teams dominating clad in red, to Tiger Woods always wearing his ‘Sunday red’ in the final round, the case for red is black and white.

So if you are going to sport casual wear when you pick up your paddle, at least wear red.

It’s fashion darling.