February 20, 2018

Elevate participants and coaches can look forward to more programs in 2018.

ITTF-Oceania’s first Elevate Performance Camp was held in Melbourne, Australia in January, and was a hit amongst the participants.

The camp targeted Oceania athletes aged fourteen years and younger, with proven international experience and the potential to play at the 2018 ITTF World Cadet Challenge. The training camp combined training, education and competition with high-level training partners and coaches. The camp consists of four days of training, followed by the Melbourne Open, in which the Elevate participants were able to compete in ten different events over three days of competition.

Patrick Weurtz, ITTF-Oceania High Performance Officer, was thrilled with the success of the first camp.

“We are just at the start of the journey! This training camp has shown what the we can achieve if we invest into this generation of Oceania Cadet athletes, not just in regards to their playing skills. All of these kids have shown the potential to become leaders and role models in their home environment to drive and motivate the next generation.” Patrick Weurtz, ITTF-Oceania High Performance Officer

The hope is that the work done in Melbourne will kickstart the athletes in to creating similar environments back home.

“It is important for the players and coaches to understand that the volume and intensity of the training in Melbourne was just an example of what should be standard in their home environment.  term beneficial if they are part of a general performance-orientated weekly training schedule. “The kids worked extremely hard over the seven days, I am confident that they will take this intensity home and motivate the peers in their home club to work harder.” Patrick Weurtz, ITTF-Oceania High Performance Officer

Weurtz sees the camp as necessary progress towards providing training high performance structures within the region.

“The camp has shown that table tennis in Oceania has reached a level in which Cadet players can train and compete on a relatively high level without leaving the region. The answer doesn’t always have to be training in Asia or Europe. I think this is a great achievement and increases the opportunity for Oceania athletes to train more often in this environment.” Patrick Weurtz, ITTF-Oceania High Performance Officer

The training camp was the first of three training camps that will be held within the Oceania region during 2018. The Elevate program will focus predominantly on Cadet players this year, however the goal is to extend the training and competition opportunities to other age groups in the near future.