March 30, 2018

Can the local crowd serve Kane Townsend up a homemade medal? (Photo: Ricardo Dasso)

Gold Coast local Kane Townsend has his eyes on a homemade medal when he steps on to the court to compete at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“My goal is to come away from the event with a medal; the higher on the podium the better,” says Townsend.

The Aussie will be celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday at the Games. A medal will be the perfect gift.

It will be the second time that Townsend has competed at the Commonwealth Games. His first outing saw him come home empty handed when he debuted in Glasgow. This time it’s a completely different ball game.

“Usually you have to travel half way across the world to play against the best. It’s going to be a completely different experience having our opponents turn up on my doorstep.” Kane Townsend

It will be just a short trip down the road for Townsend when competes at Oxenford Studios; the venue for table tennis at the Commonwealth Games. A soundstage has been converted in to a table tennis arena and after giving the venue a test run at the 2018 ITTF-Oceania Championships, he is keen for the action to get underway.

“The setup is perfect for table tennis,” says Townsend. “The crowd will be right up close to the action. The atmosphere is going to be great.”

With just five days to go until the event kicks off, the excitement on the coast has been growing.

“The buildup to the event has been huge,” says Townsend. “Everywhere you go you can see people getting ready for the Games. You can’t escape it.”

The local crowd cheering on Team Australia may just be what it takes to get Townsend over the line and up on the podium.