August 29, 2018

ITTF-Oceania and Tonga Table Tennis Federation working on a new strategic plan for the nation.

ITTF-Oceania has begun pilot-testing the brand new DNA Program (Developing National Associations Program) in Tonga with the hope of creating self sustaining National Associations throughout the continent. This comes following ITTF-Oceania Executive Director Christian Holtz conducting a two day strategic planning workshop with the Tonga Table Tennis Federation from the 16th-17th August.

The program will see ITTF-Oceania partner with National Associations and invest in their capacity and enhance their governance to facilitate their strategic objectives. The initiative is jointly supported by the Australian Government via the Smash Down Barriers program

“The DNA Program is the biggest opportunity we have had to move table tennis forward in Tonga. The program will assist TTTF to embark on a Strategic Plan with a highly inspirational vision accompanied with a mission and dedication to grow table tennis within the Tongan community. It is with great and heartfelt appreciation we thank ITTF-Oceania for bringing the DNA Program to Tonga”. Hasiloni Fungavai, Tonga Table Tennis Federation President

ITTF-Oceania will provide assistance to employ highly skilled, local administrators to work with table tennis experts in an effort to improve the operations and communications of the organisation. This in turn will increase the federation’s capacity to deliver participation programs, develop high performance pathways for talented athletes, and also stage domestic and international events.

“The DNA Program has the potential to create the biggest leap forward in the development of National Associations. Traditionally, ITTF-Oceania has been able to support the development of the sport in Pacific Island countries by providing table tennis expertise such as coaching courses, training camps and participation programs. This new initiative enables ITTF-Oceania to partner with National Associations and enhance their capacity to achieve their strategic objectives with sustainable outcomes.” Anthony Ho, ITTF-Oceania President

The long-term objective is to have sophisticated National Associations with strong governance financial sustainability and leadership, professional staff, and ongoing programs.