September 28, 2018

Studying to become a Basic Certified Umpire in Fiji.

As ITTF-Oceania continues to add events to its calendar, the need for a larger pool of umpires also grows. Developing officials alongside major events is quickly becoming a trend to help bolster the support for these tournaments. Recently, two Basic Certified Umpire (BCU) Courses have been run alongside key events, leading to new additions to the pool of Oceania umpires.

With Fiji hosting a stop on the ITTF-Oceania Tour, the lead-up proved an opportune time to host a BCU Course.  Administered by Stephen Gillespie, a total of ten students attended the two day course in Suva.

Nine out of the ten students passed the assessment and are now accredited to umpire at future events. These newly accredited umpires then had the opportunity to gain immediate practical experience once the ITTF-Oceania Tour | Fiji kicked off following the course. Developing officials in Fiji has been an on-going effort by ITTF-Oceania to grow the capacity of the Fiji Table Tennis Association with the aim of hosting international events on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the Federated States of Micronesia also benefited to a BCU Course alongside its biggest event.

The Micronesian Games are the largest multi-sport event in the Northern Pacific region and was the perfect platform for developing new umpires, with recruits needed to assist in the three day table tennis competition held at the Games.

The course was conducted by Rachel Ramos, with 11 students participating and, five going on to pass the exam.

The participants who passed the course then gained practical experience at the 2018 Micronesian Games table tennis competition, in which Mrs. Ramos was the Referee.

These new umpires signal the healthy growth of table tennis in Oceania as its capacity to host events continues to develop.