October 2, 2018

Athletes encountered a supportive environment at the recent training camp in New Caledonia.

Led by coach George Logothetis and assisted by local expert Cathy Gauthier, thirty one athletes recently took part in a nine day advance training camp in Noumea, New Caledonia. The group was composed of diverse array of table tennis players, with cadets, juniors, seniors and para athletes joining the camp.

More than sixty hours was spent out on the courts during the camp. The focus was primarily  directed towards footwork, with particular emphasis on recovering from short and long balls.

“They were all very enthusiastic and dedicated,” says camp conductor George Logothetis.  “I was impressed but the mature attitude, especially from the juniors and the seniors.

What was most impressive was the way in which players created a supportive environment, encouraging each other’s table tennis passion.


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“There was a feeling that they are all part of a big family supporting each other. This was even in the time they spend together even at the breaks, with the older players operating as role models for the younger.” George Logothetis on New Caledonian athletes.

The training camp was followed by a competition with the players testing their new skills out against each other.  Afterwards both Logothetis and Gauthier dedicated time to chat with each athlete individually to give feedback about their table tennis.

“Table tennis in New Caledonia has a very good potential,” says Logothetis.  “There are some extremely talented players that train hard. I think that the main key that will make those players grow faster is bigger exposure to major events and training camps.”

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