October 11, 2018

Finn Luu will begin his 2018 World Cadet Challenge preparations at his home club LOOPS. (Photo: ITTF World)

Team Oceania is about to kickstart their 2018 ITTF World Cadet Challenge campaign as they gather in Melbourne for their first preparation camp.

Oceania’s best cadets are set to compete in Tottori, Japan later this month at the World Cadet Challenge, but are first heading to LOOPS Melbourne, for a four day training camp which will take place from the 12th-15th of October.

“We are delighted to have the team prepare here in Melbourne, we’ve spared no expense in making sure that our team will be ready for the event”. Simon Gerada, LOOPS Managing Director

With both training and cultural activities organised, Melbourne will provide the opportunity for the team to start coming together both on and off the table.

“The camp in Melbourne is just the start of an intense preparation journey. It’s the time for a final check up of the game and a great opportunity to get comfortable with the team in a familiar environment.” Patrick Wuertz, ITTF-Oceania High Performance Officer.

Team Oceania will head to Tokyo on the 16th October for a five day training camp at Tokyo Fuji University, before the team flies to Tottori for the event.


Boys’ Team: Emmanuel Bruchard (NCL), Finn Luu (AUS), Vicky Wu (FIJ), Nathan Xu (NZL)

Patrick Wuertz (coach)

Girls Team:  Filomena Duncan (FIJ), Lorie La (NCL), Danni-Elle Townsend (AUS), Jiayi Zhou (NZL)

Claire Campbell-Innes (coach)