April 16, 2019

ITTF-Oceania would like to announce the departure of Participation Officer – Rowan Fajerman, effective as of 29th of April 2019.

Rowan was recruited in August 2017 with the primary objective to increase the capacity of National Associations to deliver inclusive participation programs and promote healthy lifestyle behaviours. Key achievements during his time included:

  • Extending the Smash Down Barriers program
  • Developing the Bounce it Back program
  • Piloting the Developing National Associations program

Rowan successfully secured Australian Government funding for all three programs. In 2018, over 2000 Pacific islanders took part in the Smash Down Barriers program, 19% of which identified as having a disability. At its peak, the program employed over 20 permanent and part time staff members across five countries. The Bounce it Back school program was officially launched on April 6th, 2019 and resources are now available to all 24 Oceania members. The Developing National Associations program has improved the governance and capacity of Tonga Table Tennis Federation across all strategic areas. In addition to managing these programs Rowan was also responsible for facilitating:

  • Pacific Sports Partnership Research Evaluation
  • Smash Down Barriers documentaries
  • TTX activations and
  • Australian Open Fun Day

ITTF-Oceania would like to thank Rowan for his dedication over the past 18 months and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

In his absence, any questions relating to Participation should be directed to ITTF-Oceania General Manager, Barry Griffiths – bgriffiths@ittfoceania.com