December 11, 2019

ITTF level two coaching course conducted in Manurewa a success

Situated in the North Island of New Zealand, sunny Manurewa was the venue for a recent six-day ITTF Level two coaching education course.

With support from Olympic Solidarity, from the 30th November to 5th December, the Manurewa Stadium hosted an ITTF level 2 coaching education course, with Malaysia’s Christina Chee as the course conductor on duty. Twenty participants from Oceania participated with coaches from New Zealand, Australia and the Soloman Islands.

The course had a high success rate with every coach learning multiple new skills and enjoying their week.  All 20 coaches passed the course and will now commence practical experience with a minimum of 50 hours in order to obtain their certification, with 15 of the coaches obtaining grades to continue to level 3 in the future if they choose to do so.

New Zealand’s National Coach director Grant Wilson is thrilled to be hosting this program in New Zealand as it builds on the success of multiple ITTF PTT Level 1 coach courses that have been run in NZ during the past 5 years.

“It is great to see the enthusiasm of all the coaches present. We all learnt a lot this week from Christina as well as each other. Going forward, upskilling our coaches will help develop better players.”

Developing more coaches has been part of an on-going effort by ITTF-Oceania to grow the capacity of the Oceania table tennis with the aim of producing higher skilled players. As ITTF-Oceania continues to expand and add events to its calendar, the need for coaches continues to grow. A strong coaching base signals the healthy growth of table tennis in Oceania and will hopefully help produce more players that can be competitive internationally.