January 29, 2020

Officials at the 2019 Australian Open (APAC Sport Media)

14 umpires representing six countries have been confirmed for the Festival of Table Tennis coming to Brisbane in April later this year, making it a first for any ITTF-Oceania event. The event will see the ITTF-Oceania Olympic Qualification Tournament for Singles and Mixed Doubles, ITTF-Oceania Junior Championships and ITTF-Oceania Senior & Youth Championships being played all in Brisbane in a collaboration between ITTF-Oceania, Table Tennis Australia and Table Tennis Queensland.

It is great to see so many umpires from within Oceania nominating and being selected for these events.  We used to have a number of Japanese umpires that would visit us for these tournaments but, now having them from within Oceania is fantastic and a credit to the work being done by ITTF-Oceania in developing local umpires.” Alan Hopkins, ITTF Oceania URC Chair.

Developing officials has been an on-going initiative by ITTF-Oceania to grow the capacity of the region with the aim of hosting more international events on a regular basis. This includes establishing ITTF-Oceania Umpire Scholarships to boost the level of participation, especially in the Pacific Islands. As ITTF-Oceania continues to add events to its calendar, the need for local officials continues to grow.

“I’m looking forward to umpiring at the ITTF-Oceania events in Brisbane and gaining more experience and using it to encourage more athletes to maintain their interest and will hopefully develop the sport further in my country. I also hope this will give me more opportunities to attend more events in the future to improve my skills and experience.” -Seepa Tuailemafua (ITTF-Oceania Umpire Scholarship recipient).

Confirmed umpires:

Alan Hopkins (AUS), Alan Moore (NZL), Eva Liang (FIJ), Graham Boyton (AUS), Greg Dinsey (AUS), Jozianne Tarosa (VAN), Lenore Roder (AUS), Philippe Estienne (NCL), Sam Miller (AUS), Seepa Tuailemafua (SAM), Stephen Gillespie (AUS), William Almasi (AUS), Wing Au (AUS) and Zark Roksandic (AUS)