October 22, 2020

ITTF-Oceania President Anthony Ho awarded the 50th Anniversary Independence Medal by Fijian President Jioji Konrote

One of Fiji’s highest honours has been bestowed upon ITTF-Oceania President, Anthony Ho. The 50th Independence Anniversary celebration saw the Independence Medal awarded to 30 individuals who have made an impact on socio-economic progress and inclusivity among the community in the past half a century since the independence of Fiji in 1970.

Since his teenage years, Ho has dedicated over 40 years of contributions to the table tennis community in Fiji, to the growth and success of thousands of small and medium enterprises, sporting organizations, non-profit organizations and individuals in various fields and assisting disadvantaged individuals and groups in Fiji.

Ho plans to continue his work, not only in Fiji, but across the Pacific.

“Table Tennis is a great sport to bring about much needed social change and perceptions in countries with small populations and low levels of infrastructure,” he says, as has already been evidenced with the help of the Smash Down Barriers Programme in Fiji, aiding the para sport and deaf communities.

While Fijian Table Tennis has come a long way in the past two decades, Ho says it needs more work in the areas of governance, capacity building and marketing to grow to its full potential.

No doubt his work will continue to move towards that goal in Fiji and across the Oceania Region.

ITTF-Oceania wish him a hearty congratulations on an exceptional and well-deserved award.