November 9, 2020

The Under 16 Mixed Doubles Medalists from the 2020 Cook Island Games

The Cook Island Games is a major event for the local population, taking place this year from October the 3-17, the 14-day event. Table Tennis was one of the 24 different featured sports, as the island of Rarotonga hosted an event like never before for the Cook Islands.

Islands were given the opportunity to create new flags and anthems for the event and promote the best their island has to offer. It was a proud moment for many of them, with a large opening ceremony and many athletes coming from across the different islands.

In COVID times, with the help of CISNOC, this has been a major highlight – to arrange a multi-sport event of this magnitude, and has been possible mainly due to the Cook Islands remaining free of the virus.

The Table Tennis consisted of 8 different events, a combination of singles and doubles across Men’s, Women’s and Under 16 categories.

Medalists hailed from 8 different islands and fought hard for their results over the course of the contest. Cook Island Sport streamed events live to their Facebook page, creating a great buzz for the event, not just in the Cook Islands but across the pacific and the region.

The big titles were the Men’s and Women’s Singles events, won respectively by Mel Ivaiti and Marenga Tua, both of whom also claimed gold in the doubles events and Mel going one further to also pick up a bronze in the Open Mixed Doubles.

The two young players represent the best that Cook Island table tennis has to offer, both having represented the nation at the Oceania Junior Championships last year and in other events in the Oceania Region prior.

It was superb to see lively matches and atmosphere in the livestreams, particularly as the finals came around for each event. Table Tennis had a great exposure during the event and some exciting matches were played throughout.

Congratulations to the Cook Islands for a thrilling event, and to all of the participants and medalists of the table tennis event!

You can find the final results from the table tennis event – here.