December 14, 2020

Dear ITTF-Oceania Member Associations,

Due to a lack of nominations received recently, the current ITTF-Oceania Athletes Commission of Trevor Hirth (ITTF Athletes Commission member), Matt Hetherington (ITTF Athletes Commission member), Anolyn Lulu (ONOC Athletes Commission member) and Mere Roden (Para Table Tennis member who nominated and was accepted onto the ITTF-Oceania Athletes Commission recently) have requested to open up nominations again for 2 x able bodied member positions and 1 x para member position.

Please find attached the updated Athletes’ Commission terms of reference and the ITTF-Oceania Athletes’ Commission candidature form (at the bottom).

All ITTF-Oceania Athletes’ Commission Candidates/Member Associations must return to the ITTF-Oceania Secretary a candidature form, duly signed by the candidate and the CEO, President or Secretary General of their Member Association, a complete biography, Resume/CV and a recent passport style photo no later than 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Friday 18th of December 2020.

ITTF-Oceania Member Association Athletes’ Commission candidates must meet the following criteria:

•            Candidates must be nominated by their ITTF-Oceania Member Association which may take place outside the stated ITTF-Oceania Championships and/or ITTF-Oceania Para Championships and can be voted upon electronically;

•            An ITTF-Oceania Member Association may nominate more than one candidate;

•            Having participated at the ITTF-Oceania Championships and/or ITTF-Oceania Para Championships and/or Pacific Games/Pacific Mini Games in the previous 10 years.