February 21, 2021

Australia’s Trevor Hirth is the new Chair of the ITTF-Oceania Athletes Commission

Australian Para National Champion Trevor Hirth has been elected as the Chair of the recently re-formed ITTF-Oceania Athletes’ Commission.

Athlete Representation is becoming increasingly emphasized in governance of major sport organizations around the globe, and ITTF-Oceania acted swiftly to re-instate the regional Athletes’ Commission.

New Chair, Trevor Hirth, is joined by Fiji’s Mere Roden, Vanuatu’s Anolyn Lulu, Tahiti’s Bydhir Carnet-Villierme and New Zealand’s Matt Hetherington.

Trevor joins the ITTF-Oceania Management Committee, where he will represent the interests of athletes across the Oceania region, alongside Anolyn who is already present on the Committee.

Trevor has quickly taken to the role and has high hopes in making positive change for the athletes:

“I’m truly honoured on being elected to represent athletes in my region & sport that I love.

I feel great support from AC members Anolyn, Mere, Matt & Bydhir who offer a wealth of passion, experience and youthful energy.

Now is more important than ever to listen to the voice of the athletes.

Leading out of uncertain times, together we can further unite athletes from Oceania and gather momentum into the future.

We look forward to improving opportunities and fariness for ITTF-Oceania Athletes from domestic to global scale.

By working together with the ITTF-Oceania Management Committee we understand that we can showcase Oceania as a world as leader in social inclusion, integration & equality through table tennis.”