November 24, 2021

open womens single
The 2021 Cook Islands Championships Open Women Singles’ medallists; Memory Tereora, Ngametua Taringa, Marenga Tua and Maria Poila.


Apii Nikao School Hall in Rarotonga, Cook Islands was the home to a hive of Table Tennis activity recently when it hosted the National Training Camp and National Championships. The camp was held from the 6th-8th of October, followed by the National Championships on the 12-14th of October.

The national training camp included 24 participants across 3 age categories; U15 Boys, U19 Girls and Boys, and Senior Men and Women. The camp included on table drills and skills as well as off table education sessions. On table sessions focused on stroke technique, footwork, service and receive. The camp was led by Tearoa Iorangi, with help from two of Cook Islands top players, Marenga Tua and Mel Ivaiti. 

The training camp was a good opportunity to bring the top players of all ages together to work hard and develop their skills. The camp was possible through support of the International Table Tennis Federation High Performance and Development program.

The camp is an excellent opportunity to help our players develop and also prepare them for the upcoming National Championships. The support from ITTF for this camp allows us to bring our top players from the outer islands to the mainland to train and compete. This is something we do not get to do nearly enough of“ – Tearoa Iorangi, Head Coach and President of Cook Islands Table Tennis Association.   


Players in action at the Cook Islands National Table Tennis Training Camp and Championships
Players in action at the Cook Islands National Table Tennis Training Camp and Championships held at the Apii Nikao School Hall, Rarotonga.


After a great national training camp preparation, players were able to test their abilities by competing for the National Champion titles. The Cook Islands National Championships were held at the Apii Nikao School Hall on 12-14th October 2021 with 49 participants. There were 5 titles that players looked to secure; Under 15 Boys Singles, Under 19 Girls and Boys Singles, and Open Mens and Womens Singles.


The competition saw some tough battles, with everyone vying to be crowned the victor of their age groups. The top honours in the Open Womens Singles went to the tournament favourite Marenga Tua who defeated Maria Poila in the final. Tua also claimed the U19 Girls Singles title. The honour of the Open Mens singles went to Mel Iviati who claimed victory over Danny Simpson in the final. Iviati also secured the U19 Boys Singles title. 


Although dominant in the singles, Tua and Iviati were unable to secure doubles gold in the open events as the doubles titles were hotly contested. The Open Women‘s Doubles title was claimed by Ngametua Taringa and Nicole Samuel who defeated Hannah Hosea and Amelia Tauraki in the final. Whilst the Open Mens doubles title was secured by Heretahi Tauraki and Ken Valoa who defeated Mens singles winner Mel Ivaiti and his partner Mose Taokia in the final. 



For a full list of 2021 Cook Island Championships results please see the table below:






Under 15 Boys’ Singles

Calvyn Valoa

Shawn Tamarangi

Emmanuel Tuteru

Under 19 Girls’ Singles

Marenga Tua

Hannah Hosea

Amelia Tauraki

Under 19 Boys’ Singles

Mel Ivaiti

Bambridge Valoa

Nauma Marsters

Open Womens Singles

Marenga Tua

Maria Poila

Memory Tereora 

Ngametua Taring

Open Mens Singles

Mel Ivaiti

Danny Simpson

Eric Gamez 

Takuina Tararo

Under 19 Boys’ Doubles

Mel Ivaiti / 
Mose Taokia

Bambridge Valoa /
Samuel Samatua

Ariki Allsworth /
Calvyn Valoa

Open Womens Doubles

Ngametua Taringa /
Nicole Samuel 

Hannah Hosea /
Amelia Tauraki

Marenga Tua / 
Ninah Marsters

Linda Ailao / 
Diana Kimi

Open Mens Doubles

Heretahi Tauraki / 
Ken Valoa

Mel Ivaiti / 
Mose Taokia

Danny Simpson / 
Eric Gamez 

Takuina Tararo / 
Athanasio Tararo


The 2021 Cook Islands Championships Open Men Singles’ medallists; Erik Gamez Mel Ivaiti and Danny Simpson.