November 27, 2021

Para Table Tennis activities underway in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Table Tennis Federation (SITTF) commenced an eight week school and community Para Table Tennis program last month. The program is based in the Honiara area and has been made possible with support through the International Table Tennis Federation Development program. The program’s objective is to increase participation for people with physical disabilities and for the participants to become more physically active by engaging in table tennis activities. The program provides fun and interactive table tennis training through school and community sessions.

Solomon Island National Development Officers visited the Red Cross School for the Blind and Deaf as well as the Bethesda Disability Centre and People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI). National development officer and athlete Gary Nuopula spent time in Australia learning and developing his coaching skills prior to the pandemic and the current situation has meant that he is at home and is actively passing his table tennis knowledge and skills to the next generation.

Program participants have expressed their appreciation for the coaching sessions: “This program has really helped us a lot. Thank you to the coaches that make the time for us. Even though they have busy schedules they still make time for us. With the 2023 Pacific Games coming up in Solomon Islands, perhaps one of us will make the team for the Games!” – Hellen Saohanga, Program participant.

The program is set to conclude in late November with a tournament. The tournament will be an opportunity for the players to showcase the techniques and skills they have learnt during the past eight weeks.

Solomon Islands National Development Officer and Athlete Gary Nuopula leading the para table tennis coaching session