March 3, 2022

In February, 2022 New Caledonia conducted two table tennis events, the Summer Cup and Opening Cup. The Summer Cup was organised by the New Caledonia Table Tennis Association (NCLTTA) and the Opening Cup by the South Committee. 

The purpose of the Summer Cup event was to promote the new 2022 season, bring all the table tennis players back together and allow them to come back and compete again due to New Caledonia being in lockdown for the past three months. The Opening Cup was organised for the table tennis clubs and players in the South of New Caledonia: CTT Mont Dore, Païta-TT, TT-Dumbéa, and AS Magenta.

On the 19th of February, 2022 in the South of New Caledonia, Jean Noyant hall was the home of the table tennis Opening Cup. This event conducted three different sub events:

  • Open: for all 2021 competition players
  • Players ranked under 5 (French ranking system) and 
  • Promotional players (social players from 2021). 

The third event was a special one because the aim was to push the promotional players to become competitive players. 

The Opening Cup saw some tough battles, with everyone vying to be crowned the victor of their groups. The first three places of each group were rewarded with a cheque offered by the South Provincial Committee.

See below the results of each event. 

“Open” mixed gender event:

22 players registered for the “Open” mixed event, including one female and three Para table tennis players. The players were divided into six groups of three players in each group, and one group of four players. 

The final standings are as follows:

  • 1st – Adrien PERROT- CTT Mont Dore
  • 2nd – Olivier CLOUET- AS Magenta    
  • 3rd – Rémy QUINNE- CTT Mont Dore
Medalist of Open event. 

Mixed-gender “Promotional” event.

Only five players registered for the mixed-gender “promotional event, which included two women. All the players played round-robin matches and had to face each other. Jean BOURELLY without any doubt clearly dominated his opponents and was the winner. 

The final standings are as follows:

  • 1st – Jean BOURRELLY- AS Magenta
  • 2nd – Samuel POADAE- TT Dumbéa
  • 3rd – Paule ANDRE- AS Magenta
Medalist of Promotional event. 

“Players ranked under 5” mixed gender event.

12 players registered for the “Players ranked under 5” event, which included one female and three Para table tennis players. All participants were divided into four groups of three players. It’s important to mention that the top four players were all at similar levels and the matches were very tight encounters. The final standings are as follows:

  • 1st – Raphaël QUINNE – CTT Mont Dore
  • 2nd – Lucien IAICHOUCHEN – AS Magenta
  • 3rd – Joshua CHAMBOREDON – AS Magenta
Medalist of players ranked under 5 event. 

Congratulations to the New Caledonia Table Tennis Association for a thrilling event and to all of the participants and medalists.