April 21, 2022

The Bounce it Back School Program is a sport-for-development initiative supported by the Australian Government through the Team Up program and ITTF-Oceania. The activities are designed for schools but can also be adapted for community groups, youth groups and any organisation working with children and youth. 

Using table tennis as a vehicle, the Bounce it Back program aims to improve the quality of life of young people by:

  • Increasing Levels of Physical Activity; and
  • Promoting Social Inclusion for people with disabilities and girls. 

The manual includes eight engaging sessions, consisting of 5 activities per session designed to assist teachers with any level of table tennis understanding to deliver fun, safe and inclusive activities. 

At the beginning of April, 2022 Australian Paralympic table tennis player Trevor Hirth and the SDB team were in Suva, the Fiji capital, helping with the film production of Bounce It Back. They are turning the Bounce It Back program into a range of short videos to make it easier for teachers to understand the program better and in turn, to make it easier for them to deliver to their students. This project adds to the previous rollout of the Bounce It Back manual, which Trevor helped launch in Tonga and Fiji pre-pandemic.

Australian Paralympic Table Tennis player Trevor Hirth (second left) with the team from Smash Down Barriers.

During their two weeks of filming, Trevor and the SDB team captured sessions 2 – 4, with session 1 being captured in late 2021. Sessions 5 and 6 will be captured in the coming months, once again in Suva, with sessions 7 –  8 to be filmed in Tonga once borders reopen.

Bounce It Back filming session with Table Tennis Paralympian Trevor Hirth in Fiji. 

By the end of 2022, or early 2023, ITTF-Oceania hopes to launch the Bounce it Back videos, for use throughout the Pacific.