June 20, 2022

Men’s Division 1 (D1) winner Adrien Perrot

The New Caledonian Table Tennis League tournament was held from 4-5 June, in Noumea. 

The tournament started on Saturday and ended the next day. Over the weekend the weather conditions, especially on Sunday morning weren’t great as the rain was pouring down heavily and the water broke inside the Salle Jean-Noyant table tennis hall. It echoed so loudly, that the players could barely hear the sound of the bouncing table tennis ball. 

Despite the circumstances, the players managed to continue their performances. Big thank you to the finalist  Olivier Clouet, who regularly wiped the wet table tennis tables, so they could continue the tournament and keep the tables dry. 

In the Men’s Division 1 (D1) Adrien Perrot was one of the favourites in the tournament. For the champions title Adrien Perrot was facing Olivier Clouet, where he beat him 11-9,11-6,11-4,11–8. Adrien showed a great performance with his offensive forehand and backhand style.

In the absence of the left-handed Jérémy Dey, who was ill and withdrew at the last minute, he was the favourite for this first stage of the Elite Tour and held his position.

For a full list of New Caledonian Table Tennis League tournament results please see below:

Men Division 1: 16 entries

  • 1st place: Adrien Perrot who didn’t lose a set in the finals 

“I’m happy. It doesn’t happen often enough when I play so well”, says Adrien Perrot. Adrien was satisfied that finally, the hard work in training paid off. 

  • 2nd place: Olivier Clouet. 
  • 3rd place: Morgan Le Frapper

Division 1 Mixed :

  • 1st place: Anais Paul
  • 2nd place: Julie Wanegui
  • 3rd place: Severine Bobeche

Division 2: 16 entries

  • 1st place: Séverine Bobèche
  • 2nd place: Raphael Quinne
  • 3rd place: Ruben Bourrelly

Division 3: 18 entries

  • 1st place: Agathe Leveque
  • 2nd place: Tristan Auvinet-Laffont
  • 3rd place: Noah Dos Santos

U12: 10 entries

  • 1st place: Ruben Bourrelly 
  • 2nd place: Tristan Auvinet-Laffont
  • 3rd place: Yvaina Girold

U15: 8 entries

  • 1st place: Raphael Quinne
  • 2nd place: Matisse Pindon
  • 3rd place: Noa Galinie Torregrosa

Open Veterans: 12 entries

  • 1st place: Henri Wo
  • 2nd place: Rémy Quinne
  • 3rd place: Pascal Kasimun

Para Open: 9 entries

  • 1st place: Séverine Bobèche
  • 2nd place: Véronique Lussiez
  • 3rd place: Alain Barbu

Congratulations to all of the participants and medalists. We are excited about the upcoming events in the New Caledonian region.