Elevate, ITTF-Oceania’s Development Program, takes the next step to further the support of performance-orientated athletes and their support team within Oceania.

Elevate provides a bridge for players competing at the peak of their National System to progress to ‘International Elite Level’.  In addition, Elevate focusses on coach development by providing international exposure to further the education of high-performance table tennis.

As such, Elevate aims to nurture national representatives, their coaches and the National Associations to provide a sustainable pathway towards international excellence.

The foundation of Elevate is set on three pillars of High Performance:

  • Performance Training: Becoming one of the best means training with the best. Through Elevate ITTF-Oceania identifies promising athletes in the Oceania region and provides high level international training opportunities to those athletes with the potential to represent the Oceania region in future world events.
  • High Level Competition: Table tennis outside the Oceania region is the motivation as well as the benchmark for Oceania’s high-performance program in future years.  As part of the Elevate program a small team of promising athletes and coaches will attend international competitions to play against and learn from the best. In addition, Elevate encourages National Associations to expose their athletes to competitions on a regular basis by rewarding players from these National Associations with Elevate services.
  • Idols / heroes: High performance is not a skill, it is a lifestyle. It is one of the key goals for Elevate to establish a performance-orientated culture in the Oceania region with driven people involved who lead by example and inspire. Coaches and players gain education and skills at Elevate to become leaders in the region and drive the next generation of athletes to follow in their footsteps.