Road to 2018 ITTF-Oceania Cup


Qualification System

The Road to 2018 ITTF-Oceania Cup commences at the beginning of 2017. Throughout 20157there will be a series of National Open events, as well as select regional events, such as the 2017 Pacific Mini Games, in which athletes will compete to earn points to qualify for the 2018 ITTF-Oceania Cup.  The more events an athlete competes in, the more points they can earn towards qualification.

Road to 2018 ITTF-Oceania Cup Events

Tier 1 – No events

Tier 2 – 2016 ITTF-Oceania Championships, 2017 Pacific Mini Games, Australia Open, New Zealand Open

Tier 3 – National Opens of all other Member Associations




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Points List

As at 1 October 2017








To further understand the updated regulations and Qualification System, please read the ITTF-Oceania Cup Regulations.